Camoati’s Bistrot

The name Camoatí originates from Guarani, an indigenous language from the jungles of South America. The word caba means wasp and atí means meeting. This name, which refers to a friendly meeting, inspired the owners and gave life to the Bar & Bistro located in the heart of the old centre of Madrid – Los Austrias.

Camoatí is an extremely charming restaurant which fuses elements of Argentinian, Italian and French creole cuisine in order to create mouthwatering dishes with unique character. An impressive variety of cocktails, teas and exquisite sweets are also on the menu, allowing guests to delight in fond moments, as if they were in the comfort of their own home, amongst friends: with board games, literature and Wi-Fi.

At Camoatí, people leave their imprint in the place, a distinct imprint. From those who cook to those who wait on tables or manage the bar, all are imbued with a kindred spirit: to take care of each and every guest, making their meetings exceptional. For this reason, personalized care, attention to detail and warmth are also essential ingredients of the space. At Camoatí, everything is a pleasure to the senses: the tastes, the light, the music, and the easygoing and attentive approach towards all visitors.

The first thing that surprises people when they enter Camoatí is the style. It makes you feel like you have left Madrid and entered into a Parisian style bar.

Javier G. - Gran Crítico (TripAdvisor)

Yes, I have returned and I liked it again. I love the scene they’ve got going on, the food and the service… The beef is an unforgettable experience!

Salvador G. - Crítico Elite (Yelp)